More than 30 years of history of Hospitality

Marco Balducci tells us about the Hotel Meeting

The history of Hotel Meeting begins in the 80’s when my family, moved from Valverde in Cesenatico to Riccione and opened this hotel. It was an important investment, but especially a dream that came true. More than 30 years have passed since my parents have managed the Hotel. My parents have always had great dedication and passion for their job. Their hospitality in this special holiday place has always made their management style stand out. The objective? To really connect with the customers and offer them a quality holiday in front of the Riviera beach.

Following 5 years of management by another family from Riccione who managed the hotel until recently, Marco says: “I am now back to managing the hotel and looking at the future with trust and positivity”. The 2018 opening defines a new era for the Hotel which has concretely changed. A big renovation with 45 new rooms with a new design. The Hotel transforms itself. A style even more glamourous, contemporary and with more leisure, that tells us about the eclectic and refined soul of the Hotel Meeting. A soul hanged between sea and nature.