Museums near Riccione

Places to visit during your holiday in Riccione

The Surgeon’s House (Domus Del Chirurgo)– Rimini

The Surgeon’s House” is an important archaeological complex, situated in Piazza Ferrari, was discovered in 1989 and presented to the city of Rimini after 18 years of excavation and conservation activities.
The archaeological area covering more than 700 square metres includes many different building elements, among which the most interesting is the so-called Surgeon’s House (Domus) . This was a residential building of the Roman period , built during the second half of the 2nd century A.D. The large number of unearthed remains and mosaics are of great interest. Well preserved, the remains have allowed a true reconstruction of the House, its owner and its long and fascinating history. The Surgeon’s House has its rooms decorated with mosaic floorings and with polychrome frescoes. The owner of the House was a doctor named Eutyches. The most important find unearthed in the house is a remarkable collection of 150 surgical items. On the basis of the excavation data it has been possible to define the identity of the owner of the House: a military doctor, probably coming from Greece. The House was destroyed by a fire shortly after the middle of the 3rd century during raids by Germanic tribes

Archeological and Civic Museum – Verucchio

Located in the monastery of the Agostinian Fathers whose foundation is dated back to the 13th century, it is one of the most surprising museums of culture and art in the Rimini countryside. From the Verrucchian necroplis objects and furniture have emerged unique for their style and degree of preservation such as wood objects, containers made of vegetable fibres and fabrics. Amongst all the findings one of the most important is the throne with artificial human figures and another is the Agostinian Monastery with its peculiar architecture and the S.Agostino Church.

Fortress civic Museum – San Leo

The museum is of medioeval origine and it was modified by Francesco di Giorgio Martini appointed by Federico II of Montefeltro. The museum is of a wonderful medioeval and renaissance architecture and it is enriched by a ancient furniture, a weapons collection and a wide documentation on Cagliostro Count.

The World of Tonino Guerra – Pennabilli

It collects all the art work of the famous Tonino Guerra (paintings, potteries and much more) and his coworkers. In addition, there is a rich video archive with 2000 DVDs divided in five sections and a wide library.

Mateureka Museo del Calculus – Pennabilli

Hundreds of original and precious objects exhibited on four floors tell the story of calculus and mathematic: from the original cone of Sumerian origin dated back to 4.500 years ago, the only one in Italy, to the modern programmed robot. In the laboratory rooms you can experience concepts and mathematical ideas to discover that Mathematics is in effect the basic language of universe and it is present in our daily life.