Near the Thermal Bath in Rimini

All the well-being of a thermal stay

The Hotel Meeting is located near the Thermal Baths of Rimini (Talassoterapico) and allows you to reach them in less than 10 minutes if you choose to walk. Talassoterapico in Rimini is located on the beach and it is ideal for every thermal treatment you need and fisiotherapy/ rehabilitation. For hydropinic treatments, inhalation treatments, mud treatments, baths and massages, spring water rich in sulphur, bromine, iodine, sodium chloride and magnesium is used. What’s the secret to the success of Rimini Thermal Baths? It’s a specialised medical team which can help cure and prevent ear, respiratory system, digestive stystem and skin diseases.

There are also rehabilitation, neuromotor, respiratory treatments and the anti- smoking programmes. Health and well-being on the seashore. Jacuzzi and sensory paths, available on the beach mean you can treat yourself to moments of intense pleasure with a water massage to regenerate the body and rebalance the mind.