Villages and Castles near Riccione

Experience the legend, immerse yourself in history


A city of art which is known for its maximum splendour under the Montefeltro Lordship .The duke Federico II made Urbino one of the main Renaessance cultural and art centre of Italy. It is a special place to visit surrounded by a suggestive nature and on the street you can breath in a mystical atmosphere. The historic city centre of remarkable artistic beauty is located in a strategic panoramic spot and has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1998.It is exciting to walk on the cobbled streets of the city centre and on the ancient squares to discover the many treasures of Urbino, such as Ducale Palace, a Renaessance building of rare beauty.

Torriana and Montebello

Torriana and Montebello are two of the rocky outcrops of Marecchia Valley; the Middle Ages took advantage of the conformation of the land by building two unconquerable citadels of Scorticata and Montebello. Montebello Castle, is one of the most suggestive castles of Rimini area, it is the place of the famous legend of Azzurrina, the albino child who disappeared in the Medioeval castle and whose ghostly presence is still perceived nowadays. You will feel shivers during the guided visit.


Verrucchio is a municipality in province of Rimini and it is a mix of tradition and history. Starting from Malatesta square there are three magnificient buildings: Palazzo del Municipio (Municipality Palace), Palazzo Giungi (Giungi Palace) (16th century) and the neoclassic Palazzo Bedetti (Bedetti Palace). From here you can begin an itinerary and discovery the Malatesta lordship history. Verrucchio has a very ancient history even before the Malatesta family lordship. Traces of a 12th -9th century BC settlement from Villanovan origin have been found in The Netherlands. Later it was an Etruscan possession. The current town derives its name from Vero Occhio (true eye) referring to its priviledged position offering a wide panorama of the surrounding countryside and the Romagna coast.

San Leo

San Leo io one of the most beautiful Villages of Italy. San Leo is home to a large fortress at an elevation of 600 mt (2,000 ft) above sea level. San Leo Cathedral is a Romanesque architecture Church in town.  Mentioned by Dante in the Divina Commedia book, it is the centre of the historic region of Montefeltro. Famous for its historic and political events, it has also been a location for movies and documentaries. It is the most precious pearl of Rimini province. It has a caracteristic location thanks to the land conformation as its located on a rocky outcrop. San Leo is also well known for its local craftmanship.


Build at 629 mt, Pennabilly is a medioeval municipality. There are two castles Billy and Penna. It has very ancient origin and it has been conquered by many such as Umbri, Etruscan and Romans. The numerous evidences of the past, the monumental and artistic heritage provide a prestigious cultural experience for those who visit the place. Pennabilli offers many cultural events throughout the year such as the National Antique Market Exhibition in July, and the International Art Festival in June.

San Marino

Since 2008 San Marino city centre and the Titano Mountain have become a world heritage site by Unesco. San Marino is the most ancient Republic of Europe. San Marino hosts numerous shops and amongst its attractions there are Palaces, ancient squares, museums, medioeval stone churches and stone houses which preserve the charm of Middle Ages. On the top of Titano Mountain rise the three towers connected to each-others with a wall and a pathway along which you can walk and enjoy a beautiful view.


The city of Gradare is part of Pesaro Urbino province precisely in Marche region. It is a fascinating and elegant location immerse in the green countryside surrounded by vineyard and olive grows. Gradara fortress and its village represents one of medioeval best preserved buildings in Italy and the two walls protect the fortress, one of which is 800 mt long.

Montefiore Conca

Montefiore Conca is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia” and it is an Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club. The view of its fortress is breathtaking. It is an Majestic artifact of Malatesta which stands out on the Conca River Valley. It is a medioeval location and it is surrounded by woods and cultivated farms. Montefiore is a destination that you cannot miss and it is fascinating throughout the year.